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MOEV news 9

Aug 24, 2021

MOEV Listed as Active EV Charging Management Supplier by ABI

MOEV Inc. appears in an article published by BodyShop Business “Electric Vehicle Mileage Share to Exceed 20 Percent by 2030“.

MOEV is listed as one of the Active EV Charging Management Suppliers by ABI research report:

……With accelerating EV penetration, increasing stress on public grids will have to be mitigated by advanced demand-response and load balancing software solutions, EV charging management and vehicle-to-grid systems, widespread adoption of microgrids and a more holistic, cross-vertical approach to energy management.

ABI says suppliers active in this space include Hevo Power, eMotorWerks, Greenlots, Nuvve, Jedlix, MOEV and FleetCarma, recently acquired by Geotab. Ultimately, the transportation electrification revolution will require a fundamental redesign of the grid itself, tailored to accommodate distributed and decentralized modes of renewable energy consumption and generation in urban contexts…………

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