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MOEV news 7

Sep 21, 2020

Paul Glenney joins MOEV Advisory Board

MOEV is pleased to announce that Paul Glenney has joined our Advisory Board

Paul was the CEO of Hubject Inc. for over three years, the North American division of the most widely adopted interoperability and Plug&Charge software ecosystems for electric vehicle charging networks in the world. As an early participant in the electric vehicle industry, Glenney has been at the forefront of electric vehicles since the launch of Nissan LEAF and the BMW ActiveE. Playing key roles at Faraday Future, NRG EVgo and AeroVironment, Glenney has led teams and projects focused on providing charging infrastructure and supporting programs needed for electric vehicle adoption resulting in well over 1,000 L2 and DCFC installations in North America. Combined with Glenney’s experience in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wave, tidal and small wind, as well as micro-grids and energy storage, Glenney has a deep understanding of the relationship between eMobility, DERs, utilities and government.

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