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Oct 4, 2019

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Report About MOEV

In late September, Hong Kong broadcaster Apple Daily featured a report about MOEV’s artificial intelligence informed EV site host management system, and about our MOEV electric vehicle charger that simultaneously recharges the batteries of four EVs.

A MOEV founder, Peter Chu, spoke with the Apple Daily reporter under the solar panels of the parking lot at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, where MOEV’s AI-informed system manages EV charging with an easy-to-use dashboard for EV charging site hosts. Peter spoke in Chinese to the Apple Daily reporter about MOEV’s Quad 2.4 TM charger for four EVs. In addition, he spoke about MOEV’s monitoring and control boxes fixed to third-party EV chargers that share the LACI parking lot’s electric vehicle charging environment. These boxes allow all the EV chargers at LACI to participate in utility company power management events and allow site hosts like LACI to avoid high time-of-use charges.

And, as icing on the cake, Peter showed off MOEV’s simple app for EV drivers.

Peter was joined for the interview by MOEV Vice President of Business Development Michael Boehm, who showed the reporter the start of a charging session of his own EV with MOEV’s charger. “The really cool thing about this product,” Michael noted to Apple Daily, “is that it takes one circuit going in and it has four plugs coming out.”

“We have a lot of solar energy generation,” Michael continued later, “What we do here, is we have measured the photovoltaic energy coming in and we can bring the charging up when there is enough solar energy to completely charge all of our vehicles. That way we don’t have to use anything from the grid. So, you can say you’re driving on sunshine.”

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