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MOEV news 14

Mar 16, 2022

MOEV AI™ software has been approved as a network provider by SCE’s Charge Ready Program

MOEV ( is delighted to announce that its MOEV AITM software has been approved as a network provider by Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) Charge Ready Program which supports the deployment of charging stations in SCE’s service area. If you are a fleet operator of transit buses, school buses, last mile trucks, delivery vehicles or first mile trucks, and are looking to electrify your fleet by applying to SCE’s Charge Ready Program, you can now choose MOEV as your network provider. Find out more information about SCE’s Charge Ready Program at: The MOEV AITM software uses AI-based machine learning to manage EV charging and EV operations to reduce the fleet operator’s electric bill, optimize utilization of EVs in the fleet and reduce stress related to range anxiety as fleets transition to electric. If you have questions about how our software works, please email

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